INFOTOX - Consultores de Riscos Ambientais e Tecnológicos Lda.
                                                                Your Chemical Regulatory Partner
Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)

Regulation (CE) No. 528/2012 of 22 May

INFOTOX consultants have significant experience in all aspects of the BPR regulation, having successfully completed and defended active substance and product dossiers. Services include:

  • Dossier data gap analysis 
  • IUCLID dossier preparation 
  • R4BP application submission and updates
  • (Eco)toxicological reviews (including QSAR)
  • Design of testing programs 
  • Exposure and risk assessments 
  • Reviewing and updating marketing/efficacy claims 
  • Liaison with competent authorities 
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) production 
  • Summary of Product Characteristics production (SPC editor) 
  • Article 95 inclusion

Transitional Period

  • We prepare and submit Biocidal Product Notification and Authorization dossiers to all EU (and UK) Competent Authorities. 

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